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Learning resources on adapting example content for FMOD?

Hi all,

Noob question - does anyone know of any learning resources on writing FMOD FX plugins with Cabbage, and specifically on how to adapt some of Iian McCurdy’s examples to work in FMOD?

I’d love to make use an example like GrainDelay in a UE4 project I’m working on - but I’m guessing these examples need some modification before they’ll run?

Any advice on how to get started would be greatly appreciated!

(using Windows 10, and the latest Cabbage, FMOD)


Hi @Clovix. welcome to the forum. I haven’t used the FMOD in a long time, so I’m not very up to speed on it. For sure Iain’s stuff will need some modifications, but with some time and effort it might work. I’m afraid there are not many resources apart from a few basic examples. Did you try those?

Hey @rorywalsh,

Thanks so much for the speedy response.

Yep I watched through the basic video examples you posted a few years back.

I’ve gone through and tried all of the example content in the ‘effects’ category and about half of whats there works like a charm in FMOD. As for the one’s that don’t work… Figuring out what needs changing is probably a bit beyond my skill level as I’m just getting started with Csound.

I just thought I’d check to see if anyone knew a shortcut to get them working quickly :slight_smile:

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