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Like to use pulse on linux without glitches?

Try adding “–realtime” to the CsOptions section of your csd.

(yes I’m an idiot, but Rory didn’t know either)

I guess that makes us both idiots :laughing:

I’ll be honest, I have never seen that flag before, but it looks like it might have helped me in another project I was working on recently :see_no_evil:

Maybe some kind of checkbox in the cabbage settings that adds --realtime to the options used to run all csds?

Having audio file reading and writing happening in another thread can only be good.

I’ll try it on android too, I suspect apps on android aren’t able to set realtime privileges as without a bunch of hacking that goes on in real linux distros you need root access. I have an instrument that randomly jumbles and crossfades a directory full of sound files, it glitches like crazy on android, if the files were being read and uncompressed on a different core though (!)

There’s also


Linux only. Use real-time scheduling and lock memory. (Also requires -d and either -o dac or -o devaudio ). See also --sched=N below.


Linux only. Same as --sched, but allows specifying a priority value: if N is positive (in the range 1 to 99) the scheduling policy SCHED_RR will be used with a priority of N; otherwise, SCHED_OTHER is used with the nice level set to N. Can also be used in the format --sched=N,MAXCPU,TIME to enable the use of a “watchdog” thread that terminates Csound if the average CPU usage exceeds MAXCPU percents over a peroid of TIME seconds (new in Csound 5.00).

edit: unfortunately in the main csound for android app, csds using the --realtime option appear to just exit and don’t play. The csd I tested has no GUI, when I try running it on cabbage on android I just get a blank screen with no sound and no way to get back to the home screen. Curiously the same thing happens in csoundqt on my manjaro linux box- csds just exiting without sound, when I definitely have permission to switch to realtime scheduling.

edit2: in the main cabbage prog on linux the --realtime flag also suppresses most printing, to be used with care.

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