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Lines of pixels when resizing

It seems like the resizing tool is not a big fan of form sizes that can be divided into float numbers. I have a vector graphic matching the form size (747 x 353), and it creates a long line of pixels on the top, sides or bottom depending on the resize percentage.

Is this because the svg is converted to pixels in Cabbage?

What do you mean when you say resizing tool? Also, can you provide a simple example?

[edit] do you mean when you resize an SVG? If you send me on the SVG I can test here… (998 Bytes)

The resizing functionality in Cabbage (resize mode in comboboxes). Sure, here’s a simple example.

Anyway I found the solution, if you make the background (svg) a line of pixels wider than the form on each side (top, bottom, left and right), when the resizing happens, that extra line of pixels will show up instead of the blue Cabbage background.

Thanks @hdale94, and thanks also for the solution. I think the one you have found is probably the best approach. :+1: