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Linux : slowness on GUI when running a .csd

Hi there,
I managed to compile the git version, but even opening an example file is very slow, the screen freeze for about 10 secs,
It’s erratic, sometimes I can’t even run an example, moving slider is very slow, and sometimes it’s OK

there is no CPU workload, the same files work ok with 2.1 05b I use Ubuntu 19.04

I’m trying to figure out what is the problem, does anyone having the same issue ?

On Debian 10 (Cabbage built from sources) no issues.

I’m running the latest version from git here on 18.04 and don’t notice any issues. Are you saying that version 2.1 05b works fine for you, but the latest is causing issues? The only real change since then is that I’m using a newer version of JUCE. But I can’t see how that might affect things…?

Yes, 2.1 05b works fine and latest git is laggy. I noticed that I have fewer options in output settings, I can use pulseaudio sink in 2.1 05b, I just have ALSA & JACK with the git master.

I’ll try tonight to compile latest git with the previous JUCE version (if it’s possible?) and I’ll tell you

I am not sure that will be possible as there was quite a bit of updating done with the latest jump in JUCE versions. Pulseaudio is still available to me here, it’s listed under inputs and outputs when you select ALSA in the audio device selector. I’m hesitant to upgrade to 19.04. I prefer the LTS releases as I rarely ever have any problems with them. I wonder if it might have something to do with the display drivers?

Ok, I will try other things in order to understand what is the problem :upside_down_face:

I’m happy to help if I can. If you can’t make any progress with it I’ll install an image of 19.04 and take a look.

Problem solved :slight_smile:

It’s a Juce related issue, more information here:

I applied the mentioned solution on my Juce 5.4.4 source and the UI is responsive again: I’m now a proud user of the Cabbage master branch :sweat_smile:

Great. It looks like those changes are in the 5.4.4 matter branch already?

Unfortunately no, I took the 5.4.4 branch and had to apply the change manually