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Linux Vesrion

Ubuntu 22.o4 LTS here…
Although I downloaded, help/About version is 2.8.162
Have I done something wrong?

Hi, I installed Cabbage 2.9.0 on Mint 21.1. But I had to downloaded a desktop file on github: and put it in the Desktop directory. After that I ran the .sh installer.

Hi Lucas,
the .desktop file is only responsible for launching the application with a mouse click.
My question is why the version of the zip file and the version the program displays are different. Being a fresh cabbage user, I asked myself “Did I do something wrong? These numbers should be the same.”

You are right. I chacked the version and it’s still the 2.8.162, but I downloaded the version 2.9.0.

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Ah thanks guys, something went wrong there. Fwiw, they are banana the same version. But I’ll get that sorted when i can. Thanks for letting me know @lucas-r-leite, and welcome to the forum :grinning: