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Linux VST export, no GUI/no sound

I’m trying to create some VST effects with linux (Debian 10, Cabbage 2.3.0 built from sources, vstsdk366_27_06_2016_build_61) the .csd and .so files are created but when loaded in the daw (ardour 5.12 or qtractor 0.9.5) the gui is not shown (black square) and audio is not passed through (in ardour) or daw crashes (qtractor).
Export as VST2 or VST3 effect has the same behaviour.
Does anyone has similar issues?

Attached the file that I’ve created, but the same happens with the examples effect included in cabbage.
Masteryo.csd (34.0 KB)

Works fine for me here. I just updated from 2.3.0 to 2.3.11 and it still works fine. Are you certain that the .so and .csd are in the same directory? I can also process sound through it without any issues.

Just built cabbage again, no luck (I confirm that files are in the same folder). At least I know I am the problem

Do you have any other DAWs you could try on, just to rule out it being a Cabbage issue? Perhaps you could try Reaper and let me know? If you’ve not used it before, you’ll need to go to preferences - VST Plugins - and add the path to your plugins. Does Ardour offer VST support out of the box, or do you need a special build? I can’t recall…

I’ve read that Ardour should support vst2, not 3, no info regarding qtractor. I’ll give reaper a try. Its possible for you to send me your working copy of the so and csd files?

Sure. Here you go. I’m on Ubuntu 18.04.

Also your file gives problems. I’ll try Reaper.
Thank you Rory

With Traktion T7 still no luck with your working file, if I export as VST2 or VST3 effect instead of GUI I see a black square.

Hmm. You’re building your own version there right? Are you familiar with the process of debugging at all? Have you use GDB before? I may need your help on this…

Actually, I have something you might try if that’s Ok. Can you open up the CabbagePlugin.jucer file with the Projucer and make sure the Standalone checkbox in the Project settings page is not checked.

The CabbagePlugin file mod did the trick!
Tested with Ardour and Traktion, sound and graphics working.
Rory you are Great, thank you

Hi @vallste, have you been having any issues running Cabbage plugins in Ardour? We’re noticing some odd behavior. Discussion here. You seeing similar problems?

Hi @rorywalsh, replied there, I didn’t notice any blacklisting problem with Ardour (or qtractor).