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Linux VST3 export

I’m new to Cabbage and CSound and am having a lot of fun learning the ropes - thanks for the opportunity. My main target platform is Linux but I can’t find a way to export a plugin as VST3 for Linux. In the forum I found that this should actually work. Am I missing something? The VST2 export works fine.

And while I’m at it: Any thoughts on offering LV2 and CLAP export (for all platforms)?

Many thanks for your support.

Welcome to the forum @consint :slight_smile: I have not yet added VST3 because I’ve yet to hear of any issues with VST2.4, which to my mind works perfectly fine across Linux DAWs. Are there Linux DAWs that don’t work with VST2.4? Please let me know. :+1:

I’ll add CLAP support when it’s part of JUCE. It will be much easier to maintain that way. But until then it’s just too much work. I had LV2 support a few versions ago, but it was quite a lot of work to maintain and no one even noticed when I stopped supporting it. :see_no_evil:

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Many thanks for your reply. The discontinued LV2 support is a pity though.

Yes, you’re right, VST2 works fine and I don’t know of any linux DAWs that doesn’t support it. But as far as I know VST2 is something like discontinued and also because the VST3 specs are open source I would always prefer VST3. Just out of interest are there any windows DAWs that don’t support VST2?

I’m not sure. The only time I ever run a DAW is to test some new Cabbage feature. Kind of ironic that I’ve spend nearly 20 years maintaining a plugin framework, yet I hardly ever them :rofl:

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