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The latest Azure DevOps builds for Mac should now be universal. If anyone has any issues let me know. I no longer have an Intel Mac so I couldn’t test there, but maybe someone on the list can verify that for me. Thanks.

[edit] turns out this wasn’t actually true then :see_no_evil: But it is true now :slight_smile:

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heads up, might need to update the install page on the home site if its working

I plan to release a new version once I get confirmation that this is working :slight_smile:

Hi! I’ve recently switched to M1 and I have some related questions. I hope I’m not hijacking this spot too badly.

Cabbage (2.8.150) runs fine as an Intel app. Is it possible (or planed) to run Cabbage as Apple native? After exporting VST from Cabbage (2.8.150), they require Rosetta. Is there a plan to enable them to run natively on M1?

I’m on MacOS 12.6.1, and I have both OSX64 and ARM version of Reaper v6.64 installed. In case this matters, I cloned my old system to the new one. In Reaper-OSX64 my Cabbage plugins loaded fine, but I was not able to see/load some of my more recent Cabbage VST instruments in Reaper-ARM, while I could load some older ones also in Reaper-ARM :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. I then re-exported some VSTs with a new name using the Cabbage option “Perform ad-hoc signing”
(Cabbage Cannot Export APP/VST)
and I followed these instructions for signing:
(Distributing plugins on MacOS (Part 2))
Still no joy. Rescanning all plugins seems to have resolved this… perhaps. :slight_smile:
Would you have any idea if this is expected and why would some old Cabbage plugs (exported maybe about 1-2 years back) just load without the need of signing etc.? Basically I’d like to know how to achieve predictable results?

My AU versions don’t work in either of the two Reaper versions. The UI loads but instruments don’t run. I had an issue with AU Cabbage already on the Intel Mac so I kind of abandoned those and can live without, but is there some simple clue on this? I’m afraid it would require a really close look of my instruments… but I still wanted to check if there might be a simple way out, what plugin features could be causing this?

Hi @Samo. I’ve been having some issues getting the M1 CI build going. I’m using M1 Cabbage here so I know it works ok. I just have to figure out how I build for M1 on Azure DevOps. It’s on my todo list. Can you ping me about it again next Monday? I won’t have access to a Mac until then.

The reason why old plugins still work Ok without signing is down to the fact I was building with an older version of XCode, which is now unsupported. All the most recent version insist that everything gets signed. They call this progress :roll_eyes:

@Samo, I’m glad to say that the latest MacOS build in Azure now produces universal binaries. This means they should work natively on either M1 or Intel based machines. The downside is the size of the package has grown because it now includes slices for arm64 and x86_64, but there is not much we can do about that.

Note that you should enable the ‘ad-hoc’ signing setting when exporting on MacOS so that hosts will recognise your plugins. If you wish to share your plugins you will need to 1) ask your users to adhoc sign the package from the command line when they install 2) write a script that will automatically adhoc sign it during installation, or 3) go all out and pay the Apple tax so that you can sign and notarise the plugins your export.

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Great! Thanks! I’ll check it out soon. :slight_smile:

It works! :partying_face:
And I can get my VSTs running in both Intel and Apple versions of Reaper!
Automation can be recorded also with CSOUND_GESTURES.
Thank you!!!

Brilliant! To be honest I want expecting that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: