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Mappable envelope plug-ins?


I was wondering if there was any way to create “MIDI plug-ins” like Max/MSP with Cabbage. I saw that it is possible to export Csound code to AU MIDI Effect from Cabbage, but I don’t know what is its use.
Being able to make a rspline LFO or transeg envelop that could be mapped to any parameter (like with Max for Live) would be life changing.
I know I could use Max for Live for that, but I don’t like to mix tools and I don’t know Max enough, learning Csound is already time consuming.

Thanks !

Yes, this is possible You just want to build a plugin that output MIDI. Search for the forum for the most recent post relating to MIDI out and it should get you started. There are also a few MIDI out examples that you can look through from the file->examples menu :+1:

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Thanks a lot Rory ! :blush:
It seems neither Live nor Reaper detects any MIDI Effect plug-in I export from Cabbage (using the examples which are in the MIDI examples), while they detect effects and synth plug-ins.
I put the plug-ins the ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components folder. Is there anything I could be missing ?

I checked this with MIDI_Arpeggiator which I exported as a VST3 synth. Reaper picked it, I loaded it into a track and loaded a ReaSynth just after it and it seems to be working.

Works for me too, thank you :blush: