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Meters movement

so when i press the key in the vst the meter turn on , as fast i de press the key the meter goes down to 0 instant, no natural decrease , so when i play the vst and do a sequence the meter dont go up and down i think because the keys are being pressed and de pressed fast so its no time to the meter look natural,sometimes “slightly show” in little moments the green on the meters randomly, even if i set the volume of every sound to the max and the master, ive tried many settings but dont fix it, i belive a more natural movement may help to show the meter
, thanx

k1 rms a1L*kVolume, 35
k2 rms a1R*kVolume, 35

cabbageSetValue "vu3", portk(k1*60, .25), metro(20)
cabbageSetValue "vu4", portk(k2*60, .25), metro(20)

outs a1L*kVolume, a1R*kVolume

if release() == 1 then
    cabbageSetValue "vu3",0
    cabbageSetValue "vu4",0


i100 0 z
;i 100 0 z

finally i think i learned how to post a code

Almost :rofl: I had to reformat the last bit, but you’re getting there. The best thing to do in this case would be to set up a new instrument that is always listening. You can use the monitor opcode to listen for all signals. That instrument should manage all the VU meters.