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MIDI from embedded VST

Does anyone know if there is a way to get MIDI from a vst (from a midi effect type plugin) that has been loaded via vstinit in the same way that you can get vstaudio?

You’re referring to the vst opcodes in Csound? I’m afraid I have never used them. Perhaps you can ask on the Csound forum? FWIW, you can easily output MIDI from a Cabbage plugin. There are some examples in the Misc. examples, I think they are marked MIDI Out.

Thanks, I’ll check on the Csound forum. I’ve been using the Csound midi opcodes a bit, and am wanting to send on separate midi channels to multiple vsts some of which are midi effect plugins, something that doesn’t seem that straight forward in the DAWS I’ve been using. Haven’t gotten into doing too much with the vst opcodes, trying to figure out if they are capable of what I’m wanting first.

That should be possible with Cabbage. Probably no need for any VST opcodes. Check the midi out examples to get started.