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MIDI out

Hi Rory,

Can MIDI be sent from Cabbage to virtual MIDI channels, e.g. IAC driver?
From my search on the forum it doesn’t seem possible and one has to export VST instrument and send MIDI from a DAW. And I realized (with the MIDI-CC-out example) that only VST instrument is able to send MIDI from DAW, effects can’t do it and importantly VST3 can’t do it either (as suggested here: Outgoing MIDI issues). Is this correct (for all cases)?

Would it be possible to have Cabbage send MIDI?
This would be very useful when testing things. I find export, copy/overwrite, rescan plugins a bit tedious procedure. Would you recommend some better workflow for testing?

This is not supported, but vst3 should work. I think it’s just cc and sysex messages that it doesn’t work with? Yeah it would be nice to have it from the host but would involve a lot of work I’m afraid. But you don’t need to keep exploring the plug-in. Simply export once, then open the CSD file within the bundle and edit that. Then reload your session whenever you make a change. It’s really quite quick once you’re set up.

Thanks! Good to know. And this tip is golden: