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Missing checkboxes

I have 3 checkboxes that i use as tabs for switching between fx, voicing, and the mod matrix. While messing around to get the mod matrix widgets implemented, cabbage just decided that the checkboxes dont exist anymore. I put the code into another project to see it in the widget edit view, since macros mess that up, and they are just not there. Declaring a new checkbox doesnt do anything either.

Here is the code GUI TEST.csd (2.8 KB)
Images should not be needed to test it. Cabbage version 2.3.0 windows 10 version 1903

Any help to solve this would be appreciated ^^


The groupbox on line 3 is covering them up. I’m going to move this to Cabbage stew as it’s not a slug :wink:

Sorry! havent checked the forums for a while. Been busy on other stuff. Are you sure its the one on line 3? because 1, every other widget that i need is above it, and 2, i have groupboxes acting as containers for all my other groups, and only the middle console breaks???

Sorry, you’re right. The issue is that you are missing a closing bracket before you create the check boxes. They actually belong to a plant that has its visibility set to 0.

I think using so many plants inside of other plants might become problematic down the line, but it appears to work reasonably well up to this point!

Oh yes! that was the issue… i had kinda forgot i had another groupbox to contain the matrix widgets :sweat_smile: