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Missing marker in rotary slider widget on Linux

I am currently using Cabbage 2.9.193, but I noticed this problem several months ago on Cabbage 2.9.0 as well. I never encountered this problem on Windows, and I have not tested MacOS. It hasn’t bothered me significantly, but I decided to post about it now. I double-checked to make sure there aren’t other topics about this, but maybe this is already a known slug.

Any rslider widgets on Linux are missing their visual marker on the knob. Below I created a new effect plugin from the template and didn’t change any code. There should be a black marker on the rslider widget by default, but there is nothing. Specifying any other color with markerColour does not change anything.

Here is the file as well. preset.csd (692 Bytes)

That’s weird. I regret to say that I don’t spend much time on Linux these days, but I can’t think why this would happen. I’ll take a look when next I at my Linux box.

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