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Mixer Opcodes (SOLVED)

Hey guys,

Wondering if anyone has experience with the mixer family of opcodes (MixerSend, MixerReceive, etc) who could give me a hand. Have an orchestra file written with a mixer instrument at the end to handle the final audio output. I’ve been using #include to use it with CSDs and it executes fine with all of them, I’m just getting no output at all.

I’ve uploaded the orchestra file here, hopefully one of you can give me a hand, cheers.

EDIT: Solved it immediately after revisiting, feel like a wee idiot boy. That’s what I get for not taking a break lol

Glad you got it sorted. For what it’s worth I think you could develop a far more open and extendable system using just named software channels, i.e, chnset and chnget. These opcodes seem to just provide wrappers for underlying buses anyway. But I guess it depends on how far you need to push it!