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Mono audio question with nchnls = 1

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using CsoundQt for a few months, and I’m now attempting to switch over to Cabbage. I’m confused why setting nchnls =1 results in audio only coming out of one channel of my headphones. In CsoundQt, when nchnls = 1 the mono audio comes out of both channels of the headphones.

For example, when I create the beginner synth from the tutorial and set nchnls = 1 I only get audio in my left ear. The same happens with my other .csd files in Cabbage.

Can someone explain why CsoundQt and Cabbage behave differently when nchnls = 1? Is this related to the Cabbage IO settings and/or the real-time audio plugin? I’ve been using portaudio. I’m on Cabbage 64bit v.2.1.05b, macOS 10.14.6.


These two frontends treat channels in a different way. All cabbage instruments are stereo by default. It’s just easier to deal with them in vst plugins when they are like this. I guess I can look into better routing option for mono instruments. Leave it with me :thinking:

Thanks for the response, Rory. Now that I understand what’s going on I can work with stereo as the default. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t crazy or doing something wrong. Thanks!

Crazy is the norm around here :crazy_face: