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Mono tracks distorted

does anyone can give me a tip for writing an effect plugin that works on mono AND stereo tracks?
i know how to write for mono or stereo but i can’t figure it out how it works for both.

Cabbage doesn’t support mono plugins (yet*), so if you want mono you’ll need a stereo plugin, and output the same signal to both channels. The reason you’re getting distortion is because of gibberish being sent to one of the channels.


  • I’m working on sidechain support, which forced me to redo the entire channel system, so mono plugins should probably work in the near future…

oh wonderful
I’m looking forward to it

Hi @prhm.i, what DAW are you using? I want to check this, but I can’t recreate the problems…

I’m using cubase 10.5 also i tested with cubase 9

I haven’t worked mono in such a long time, so I don’t know if this will help… but all of my effects have an input stage where I can select which of the input channels to use, I can choose between L only, R only, L+R combined (mono), L & R (stereo), and R & L (inverted stereo).

The buttons to select use this cabbage code:

button bounds(0, 2, 20, 14), channel("mono-st"), radiogroup(101),value(1), text("St", "St"), popuptext("Stereo Input")
button bounds(20, 2, 22, 14), channel("mono-inv"), radiogroup(101), text("Inv", "Inv"), popuptext("Inverted Stereo Input")
button bounds(42, 2, 20, 14), channel("mono-lr"), radiogroup(101), text("LR", "LR"), popuptext("Mono Input: LR+LR")
button bounds(61, 2, 19, 14), channel("mono-l"), radiogroup(101), text("L", "L"), popuptext("Mono Input: L+L")
button bounds(80, 2, 19, 14), channel("mono-r"), radiogroup(101), text("R", "R"), popuptext("Mono Input: R+R")

And the csound processing code is:
kStereo chnget “mono-st”
kInvert chnget “mono-inv”
kLR chnget “mono-lr”
kLeft chnget “mono-l”
kRight chnget “mono-r”

; make a working copy for use
aSigL = aInL
aSigR = aInR

; mono input collapse snippet
if (kInvert==1) then
aSigR = aInL
aSigL = aInR
elseif (kLR==1) then
aSigL = (aSigL+aSigR)*.5
aSigR = aSigL
elseif (kLeft==1) then
aSigR = aSigL
elseif (kRight==1) then
aSigL = aSigR

I’m just thinking doing something like that will let you test the input channels, and maybe you can at least work around the problem that way? Good luck!

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I just ran into a similar issue with Logic Pro X, fyi :wink:

Hi @flaviogaete. Thanks for posting. If you want to support mono synths in Cubase, or Logic/Garageband, then you need to check if Csound is running in stereo or mono. A simple trick is something like this:

instr 1
    a1, a2 diskin2 "myStereoFile.wav", 1, 0, 1 
    if nchnls == 1 then
        out (a1+a2)/2
        outs a1, a2

If you want to support mono synths in Logic you need to add this test.

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Thanks! That makes sense and is very helpful.

Let us know if it works :+1: