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Implementing a moogladder filter
kcf = chnget “Hz slider value”
Kres = chnget “Res slider value”
afilt moogladder asig, kcf, kres
If so
I assume Hz slider value between 0 and 20000
What is res slider value

*kres* / *ares* -- resonance, generally < 1, but not limited to it. Higher than 1 resonance values might cause aliasing, analogue synths generally allow resonances to be above 1.

I normally place Hz on filters between 20 and 20 000 Hz, but that’s up to you ofcourse

Thanks :+1:
When implementing the bqrez highpass
Is the same methodology going to work
Kcf= chnget “Hz slider value”
Kres = chnget “Res slider value”
afilt bqrez asig, kcf, kres

Kinda, but on the bqrez opcode resonance works with different parameter values: *xres* -- amount of resonance. Values of 1 to 100 are typical. Resonance should be one or greater. A value of 100 gives a 20dB gain at the cutoff frequency. May be i-time, k-rate, a-rate.

It’s probably better to keep the Channel-names in one word like this:

kcf chnget “Cutoff”
kres chnget “Resonance”
afilt bqrez asig, kcf, kres

Correct. XML Tags don’t support white spaces. As channel name get stored as plugin parameters via XML, this will potentially cause problems.