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More macOS issues coming down the line

As some of you know, I’ve been struggling with getting the latest flavours of macOS to play nice with Cabbage. Anyone who read the distributing on macOs part 2 post will have read that one must codesign and notarise plugins if you want to share them with other users.

It seems the situation is out to get even worse. In my latest tests using an M1 Mac and Big Sur 11.4, I have to codesign every single plugin that I export, even if I only intend to use them on the machine I exported from. And I can only codesign the plugins if I have an Apple Developer ID. It seems one can get a free developer ID, but after a week or so you will need to renew it and codesign the plugins again. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The good news is that the latest beta versions of Cabbage don’t suffer from this issue because they are not built on a Big Sur machine. In the meantime I will try to find a way around this. :crossed_fingers:



It seems that one can us ad-hoc signing if the binaries are going to be used on the local machine only. I will see about adding this as an automatic post export step so end-users don’t have to do anything :+1:


Crisis averted. Cabbage now performs an optional codesign when exporting plugins. You can enable this in the setting. I’ve tested here and it works fine.


Could you explain what ad-hoc signing means?

Seems to me it’s like giving the plugin a free pass to run on your machine. But it will probably fail on anyone else’s Mac unless you sign it properly and notarised it (which I’ve explained in other threads). For now I’m relieved that I found a solution in which end users don’t have to do anything, unless they wish to run their macOS plugins on a different machine :roll_eyes:

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