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Multiline textbox widget that can be set programmatically


I’m trying to emulate a LCD display in my GUI. I need a multiline (readonly) textbox widget which can have it’s text set programmatically by passing in a string with something like “\n” as newline indicator. And also don’t auto scale the text to the entire bounds of the widget, like the label widget.

Is this possible within Cabbage?

The TextBox widget seems to have the behaviour which i’m looking for, except F.A.I.K. it only reads data from file. Is there a way to add a text attribute that accepts multiline text?

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Try multiLineText.csd (780 Bytes) (Spoiler alert: it uses a texteditor widget!)

Not being able to change the font makes it less LCD like, but I have some code for changing fonts in the pipeline. But I’m so busy right now that I can’t say when I’ll get a chance to add it…

Thanks for the example. Not being able to change the font is indeed a problem for the UI design of this particular plugin i’m working on :’(

But good to hear that it is at least in the pipeline, i’ll wait :slight_smile:

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