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My program runs once, and crashes Cabbage on the second

I’ve no idea how to troubleshoot this one… Any suggestions?

Can you send me the .csd that is causing the problem?

p.s. you’re not by any chance using cabbageGetWidgetNames? I just pushed through a bug fix for that… (380.6 KB)

I hope I got all the associated files…

Not using “Names”, but am using cabbageGetWidgetChannels… I’ll try running it with that commented out…

…Nope, still crashes.

No, that’s not the error. The error is with the range slider somehow. Are you sure you are creating two channels for it? Looks like only one is being created…

I commented out the hrange widget and everything is fine now. Weird that it wasn’t crashing until tonight. I’ve been working with this for a little while now…

Looks like x_channel() only creates one channel, whereas the range sliders need two channels declared.

I’m not sure why it only started crashing tonight. The crash on the second save is because Cabbage tries to save and recall plugin states in a background thread. In this case it was saving just a single channel, but when reopening the file it looks for a second one, doesn’t get it and dies. The thing is that Cabbage doesn’t even use this data, it’s just a test to make sure everything is Ok in the land of Cabbage.

Anyhow, I’ve fixed the crash now and triggered a new build :wink:

Thanks, Rory!