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My svg crashes cabbage

I have started developing a new plugin but every time i try to use the slider svg i made cabbage just dies.

here is the svg:

It’s not crashing for me here, but it’s not working either. Give me a sec. I recently did a lot of work on supporting film strips images, so I might have accidentally screwed up the SVG stuff…

[edit] it’s also crashing here, I had the SVG in the wrong directory…

I think it might be something to do with the actual SVG itself. It hangs illustrator when I try to open it. It’s also 4Mbs? That seems pretty crazy for an SVG?

well its my first time making an svg and i made it in aseprite i am going try try to make it only 500% larger instead of 1000%

yep not enlarging works i think it was to big for cabbage you should try to figure out the limit so you can add it to the docs

SVGs are just text files. If yours are anything over a a few 100 KBs something is probably wrong. I’ve a felling that asprite might be encoding the pixel data directly into the SVG rather than use scalable vectors. Or are you trying to encode animations into your SVGs? This definitely won’t work with Cabbage. If you want to create high-end GUIs, you might look into using filmstrip PNGs. Check out the KnobManSliders example in the Misc examples menu. This is a good way to go with custom GUIs.

nope just trying to make a pocket sized serum themed open source plugin with a pixel art style as a learning exercise for both my coding and pixel art

Sorry to join, I was just curious about svgs use.
I think you can obtain the same exact graphic result with a lighter svg, the one you attached has a rect sized 1x1 for every drawn pixel. this is a bitmap image translated to an svg.
so yes, the more the display size the more it grows, and also in this way probably it cannot be resized correctly.

That’s what I thought was happening. It’s a very strange way to encode an SVG, as it basically turns it into a bitmap. In that case one might as well just a PNG. I’m surprised asprite does this.

cabbage still crashes a lot when using svg even when using the example ones

Thanks @HACKY, I don’t think maybe people are using SVG with Cabbage so there may be issues. Can you provide some code? I tried a few examples and it seems to be working Ok :man_shrugging:

i sure can gimma a minute

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Potion svg (6.2 KB)

[edit] cabbage also applies a wierd pixel raster grid effect to the svg when no background svg is given

I’m not getting any crashes here. What do I need to do to create them? I’ve added a new rslider and used some of your SVG with it. No problems so far.

I suspect that the grid issue you are seeing is because you are using a pixel art editor to create your images. If you want smooth images, you should probably use a proper SVG editor. Inkscape is great, and free.

I also use Inkscape for my SVG’s. They are always very small, look great and never had any problems with them in Cabbage.

I’m on Windows 10 64-bit.

In that case its probaply just my laptop i am going to try the files on my pc later today.
also i dont think ill use inkscape for this anytime soon since its way easyer to make pixel art ui elements with aseprite wich is what i like in my plugins.

I like the graphics you produced too. The potion bottle brings back to Prince of Persia in the late 80s on a Memorex Telex PC :laughing: So many days of beautiful summer sunshine lost in a dark room trying to guide the Prince to his Princess :see_no_evil:

Anyhow, I’d suggest you export the graphics as PNGs rather than SVGs. I’m not sure there is any benefit to SVGs in this instance.

ok thx