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My VST doesn't load on Cubase


I’m new in Cabbage. Looks very promising, but my exported VSTs don’t load on Cubase (10.5.20 on Windows 10).
For now I exported the examples MIDI_Monitor and MIDI_Delay (as VST Effects), just to test. I put the .dll/.vst and .csb files in my VST folder, Cubase sees them well in its plugins, but when I try to add one on a track, nothing happens (the effect slot leaves empty). I tried VST2 and VST 3, same thing.
What am I doing wrong ?

I’m not sure if I have to tell to Cubase where to look at CSound. In the doubt, I added the Csound6_x64/bin directory to the list of scanned folders in Cubase, but Cubase says they are 32 bit plugins (!?), so it can’t use them.



Hmmm, that seems strange. You should not have to scan your Csound6_x64 folder. This is gonna be a little difficult as I don’t have cubase but my advice would be to 1, you exported synths. Sometimes I missclick and export effects and 2, create a folder whithin your vst folder and whithin that folder put every element in your plugin. Dll, csd, wav, and any other assets used in your synth.

Hope that helps!


And @AveAcsent is right, that you should export them as synths rather than effects. I just tested the MIDI monitor example here and it works as expected, although it should display a bar graph of the MIDI info, which it is not doing, but it still identifies the notes…

Thank you for the precision about CSound6_64 folder.
Concerning synth vs effect : I need my plugin to be an effect. If it’s a synth (which I had tried), Cubase doesn’t see it when I want to insert a new effect on effects slots.

I’m not sure I follow. I tested yesterday with Cubase and it worked fine? But maybe I need to try again?

By the way, when I export in Synth, in Cubase I can add it as an instrument track, but then I can’t open it’s interface.

What version of Cabbage are you using?


Can you try the latest beta version. Click on the drop link here and install the Windows package. I really need to publish a new release…

With this latest beta, it works better. The effect plugin can be inserted on an effect slot in Cubase as expected, but

  • the VST3 version causes Cubase to freeze (completely laggy in a first time, then no response at all, need to kill Cubase)
  • the VST2 version is fine (no lag no freeze), but the MIDI_Monitor doesn’t react to any input, and intercepts the MIDI (data don’t go to the instrument). However, as I’m new, maybe it’s the expected behaviour without changing anything to this example csd (the rtmidi=NULL)

Steinberg in their infinite wisdom decided to change how VST3 plugins handle MIDI output. You don’t have to search long to find hundreds of threads on the issue. They really pissed a lot of people off. Anyhow, this could be the issue here/ You may have to stick with VST2 for now.

Strange that it works here for me, but perhaps my test is a little simple. I basically create a new MIDI track, add some notes, load MIDI_Monitor to it and hit play. I can see the incoming notes without an issue.

No. It should just run out of the box. I didn’t have to change anything with it yesterday. I don’t have my Windows machine set up, but next time I do I’ll check there.

I see I’m not the only one to love Steinberg :wink:
I just saw on other threads on this forum, that Cabbage plugins could not send midi data to some ports, is it still true ? If yes, the presence of the -Q option (Midi output) is confusing.
My goal was to make a plugin to replace the lack of “send MIDI” capability on Instrument Tracks in Cubase, in order to communicate with a tablet via a custom port defined in loopMidi. It seems I will not be able to achieve that…

It’s a little confusing. It might appear that the -Q flag sets what port the plugin will output MIDI on, but in practice it’s the host that routes the MIDI data. -Q just tells Csound to output MIDI. Cabbage picks this MIDI information up and passes it to the host, which can then send that MIDI anywhere it likes. The Cabbage IDE does not output MIDI so this must be done in a host.

If all you wish to do is send MIDI out of Cubase, then I don’t see why this wouldn’t work? So long as Cubase lets you output MIDI to different ports?

Ok, thanks for the explanation.

No, unfortunately on Instrument tracks (not MIDI tracks), Cubase doesn’t allow any MIDI output. Unlike MIDI tracks, there are no “MIDI send effects” slots. That’s why I’m looking at a workaround.

Have you looked at other DAWs? I think Reaper allows this kind of routing?

Yes I studied the possiblity to change of DAW, specially Reaper. But too much to learn, and Reaper doesn’t fit my logic (tried 2 times to learn it, but totally unintuitive for me).

Thank you very much for your help and your time !