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Named presets stopped working at random

So i was making a nice vintage esc synth when i noticed the preset scrip i spent ages figuring out how to get working suddenly stopped working and no matter what i do it wont start working again either why?

The file in question is the one called wavelength square

The plugin:

You got me on this one :laughing: I’ve no idea what’s going on here. Leave it with me…

Right so, where to start on this one. The tl;dr is that you shouldn’t have whitespaces in your channels names. Replace them with -, _ or simply remove the whitespace and everything will work fine again.

The long story is that I use XML to save and restore presets. The problem is that XML does not support white spaces in tags. It’s annoying, but VST parameters cannot have white spaces either, so it’s not such a bad thing.

I will add a check for this on save so that people get notified if they have invalid channel names.

thx it worked

Great. I’ve added a popup window now warning people about the dangers of whitespaces! :laughing:

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