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New effect: Solina Chorus

This is based off Steven Yi’s UDO. Nice chorus effect… allows for some extreme settings for non-standard uses. Tweak knobs with care :smile:

The lfo frequency and amp controls are 0-1 ratios of whatever the overall scale is set to. Enabling stereo chorus phase shifts the phasor used for timing by half on the right channel, giving some stereo depth.

SolinaChorus_v1.0.csd (10.1 KB)


I wanted to thank you not only for tools that share, but also because it continues to do so.
Many thanks also because I learned a lot thanks to your code!



Thank you for the positive feedback! I’m glad you’ve found it useful and/or helpful. My examples aren’t written to be clear, easy to follow, or the simplest implementation… so please feel free to ask any questions if you want to know why I did something a certain way, or how something is working. I’m by no means a guru like Rory and Iain, but I’ll help as best I can. I just wanted to contribute something back to the csound community that’s helped me and many others so much.

All of the heavy lifting on this one was Steven Yi’s UDO, I just put a UI around it, and made a few changes to the UDO for a “stereo” effect. It sounds like (from Steven’s description) my version isn’t true to the original hardware’s stereo processing, but I think it sounds nice and will probably leave it as it is.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Ooops, missed one!

I’m going back and releasing “maintenance updates” for most of my old recipes. These are just minor bug fixes to keep them running with current csound and cabbage versions. Enjoy!

SolinaChorus_v1.1.csd (10.1 KB)