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New identifiers

I’ve added two new identifiers.

where file is the name of an .otf, or .ttf font file. Note that some font will causes some odd behaviour because of the way they might have been created. you’ll need to experiment somewhat. If the font is not found Cabbage will use a fallback font. This identifier should be used with the form widget and will be applied to all text created in your GUI.

This is a unique identifier in that it is only intended for use with identifier channels. Sending a tofront() to a widget’s identchannel from Csound will cause that widget to be brought to the front of the GUI.

I’ll upload new binaries shortly.

Excellent! can’t wait to try it…:grin:

Thank you! Is it more efficient/fast than hiding all widget and set a visible(1) to the wanted one?

Well you only have to call one tofront() instead of traversing a load of instruments and using the visible() identifier! I should have added this years ago. I’m just uploading new betas now. The Windows one is available, the OSX one is on its way, should be there shortly. There is an example called ToggleToFront.csd in the examples folder.

Im not having any luck with the typeface, I tried a few .ttf and .otf fonts, but not sure if there is anything else I need to do. The font is in the folder with the cabbage file.

Sorry, I had to pull them back again due to some problems they were causing. Now would be a good time for me to revisit them. :+1:

I don’t know why I didn’t think to request this earlier… I think it could be very useful! Would/should it be possible for tofront() to work with widgets commonly used as containers, such as groupbox and image?

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That’s the idea. Although I’ve not actually tried it out really since I added it.

I tried using tofront() with some images used as a container for other widgets with no luck… but it was in a fairly complex instrument, so it could easily be a mistake on my part. I’ll try to trim down to a pure example/test scenario and see if I have better luck there later today.

The Toggle to Front example doesn’t work on the released version, but it does on the most recent build. I’m on windows 10.

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That’s about right. I really need to make a new public release…

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Just checking back in, with the newest (Dec.20) OSX beta tofront() works on images (specifically being used as containers). It was probably just a stale build presenting the problem.

I’ll try to get you a new build for OSX soon so you can check it out. I’m trying desperately hard to get new official release out. I don’t want people to think development has ceased on the project!