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New JUCE GPL version?

So I tried building my arch linux package of cabbage just now, it checks out the development branch of cabbage and the master branch of JUCE, so obviously JUCE 6. I’ve been building cabbage every couple of weeks and keeping the arch scripts working. This morning my PKGBUILD failed, it’s where it tries to enable the GPL mode in JUCE: JUCE/extras/Projucer/JuceLibraryCode/AppConfig.h no longer exists.

I don’t really know JUCE and I’m not sure I want to now since I’ve discovered it’s tracking users while google searching around this breakage.

This is the second breakage I’ve noticed in the last month or so.

Obviously I can check out an earlier version of JUCE, but I’d rather use the official version for this package. I’d also like to remove all tracking, as we are allowed to do in this situation given cabbage is GPL licensed.

Any ideas? Google is no help.

edit: the last breakage was fixed just by waiting a while, maybe this one will be fixed in the same way. But I still want to remove tracking. Another edit: grammar

I think for the time being it might be best to checkout the last version of JUCE 5? JUCE 6 does provide some nice new features, but I assume we will need to patch the source code to build with it. I will try to check out JUCE 6 when I get a chance.

Done and uploaded.

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