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New presetIgnore() identifier

I’ve add a presetIgnore() identifier that, when set to 1, will cause a widget’s value to be ignored when a preset is saved. For example, the value of the following slider will never be saved in any presets:

rslider bounds(10, 10, 100, 100), channel("att"), presetIgnore(1)


Thanks–very handy!

This is an important and very practical option. I wonder if something like this but extrapolated to automation could be possible. For example, to be able to isolate the checkboxes when they are used as LEDs, or a vumeter, etc., so that they cannot be susceptible to automation.

Congratulations and thank you, for all the improvements that this unique piece of software has every day. :+1:

Cabbage has you covered :slight_smile: You want the automatable() identifier. This is 1 by default for checkboxes, sliders, etc. But if you set it to 0 the control will not appear in the host software.

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I think it might be useful for the docs to have a glossary of all identifiers listed alphabetically. Although they are all listed in each widget manual entry, many can go unnoticed.

Coincidentally this morning, it occurred to me to tell you that same thing when I saw this post. A list with all the identifiers, because there are many and it is a pity that some go unnoticed as in my case. This way we will not lose a single one of the options that Cabbage offers :wink:

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Great ! It will avoid users that disabled the GUI tabs by settings all the parameters to 0 manually !

Of course this is reserved for the Cabbage preset system. You will need to roll your own solution for your custom presets. But you can also make use of this by doing something like the following:

if cabbageGet:k("freqSlider", "ignorePreset") == 0 then
    //if presetIgnore has been set to 1 record this channels value