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New presets format

I am using the new presets system with range sliders. The slider is defined by

vrange bounds(25, 25, 50, 110), text("Range"), textColour("white"), channel("frfin","frini"), range(0,255,0:55,0.5)

(Is this correct? I did not use range sliders before.)

After pausing my work on the plugin for some weeks I noticed that the presets I saved before do not work anymore. I compared the .psts file from before and now, and the entries concerning the range slider are indeed different:

        "frfin": {
            "Range Min": 0.0,
            "Range Max": 55.000003814697266


        "frfin": 104.8070068359375,
        "frini": 129.37901306152344,

Has there been a syntax change between February 17 and today? Is editing the the old .psts files into the new format the correct thing to do?

I think I reconstruct now what happened: I changed from the old preset system to the new and just cut the parts out of the old .snaps file into separate .psts files hoping that the syntax is the same.

There was a change due to an issue in the way they were being saving (incorrectly). Sorry, simply resaving or editing the presets should work.