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New release

I finally got around to publishing a new release :clap: (that’s a sarcastic applause btw!)

Most users here will already be using one of the latest betas, but it’s nice to finally get this ready for new users.

A big thank you to all forum members here. Without your help this release wouldn’t have been possible. And an especially big shout out to all of you who submitted PR and bug reports over the past year! I hope it’s not so long before I get around to the publishing the next release :laughing:

A rather crude and at times cryptic overview of changes and additions can be found in the github release page.


Awesome! I admit I was already using one of the latest beta but I wasn’t aware of the amount of things added / fixed after the last release.
Thanks so much @rorywalsh for this!

Agreed, this version brings so much to the table, it’s a huge advancement for Cabbage! :partying_face:

You wait so long for one train, and then two come along at once :laughing:

Next release is out, v2.5.0. Most of you are already up to date with the developments here. But I wanted to make sure new users have access to some of the latest additions and features.