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New synth for Cabbage 2

Hello all,

You will find my very first synth. It works with Cabbage 2 beta only, (the GUI gets messy with cabbage 1) .
Somehow, I manage to get some very warm and fat sounds from it.
Technically :

  • 2 independent oscillators with user designed wave shapes and classical ones (sinus, square,etc…)

  • 2 sub-oscillators using the mains oscillators waveshapes
    The 2 oscil + 2 sub can be de-tuned to get a beating sound.

  • Noise generator

  • LFO on sound and on filters envelope

  • 4 filters acting in parallel or in series
    ** 2 band pass
    ** 2 low pass

  • independent ADSR envelops for notes, noise, Filter, LFO

  • reverb

In order to get sound, first select at least one oscillator !! Also… if starting with “user”, activiate at least one partial (chexbox + rslider) !

I also add one preset which shows how it sounds. Until little bug on updating combobox is fixed, after opening the preset, you need to select by hand “Square” waveshape for both oscillators.

Should you experiment with it and find some nice sounds, I wish that you share them on this forum.
Comments, suggestions are very welcome. The code is quite commented for easy reading.
Have fun!!

JM_sub_6.snaps (2.5 KB)
JM_sub.csd (67.2 KB)


lovely synth, suprised you got no replies, enjoyed it very much :slight_smile:

Saving presets is a bit awkward I am confused how to get it working

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A very nice synth indeed. @Karamel1 and I were PM-ing about it for some time. He was very helpful in addressing some Cabage issues. Together we managed to make some nice improvements.

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What a versatile synthesizer! @Karamel1, I will check it later.
The musicians would thank you if you just turn on the synthesizer starts to sound something simple.
If you want to avoid declick I suggest you put an initial value to the attack between .0008 and .0005 line 271 (AEG) the same for the release

Thank you a lot. I am happy you enjoy it.
Unfortunately, I do not have tie to look at it… but please feel free to improve it. This is why it was publish on this forum.
Should you improve it, please share with all !