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Newbie crash Cabbage 2.8.0 Mac M1 Monterey 12.2.1

Hello, I am a absolute noob to CSound and Cabbage having just downloaded and installed. However, I’m not hearing anything and Cabbage crashes sometimes but not every time I hit “play” even for a trivial program from the video tutorial. I tried loading other examples (Bubbles, Electricity) and creating a New instrument and generally either crashes or does nothing.

How can I tell if I installed Csound successfully? (I just went with the defaults.)
Cabbage 2.8.0
Mac M1 Monterey OS 12.2.1

Any assistance is appreciated.
thank you

Can you try the latest beta build? Check out the sticky post of he forum homepage for details. I’m on vacation at the moment, but I’ll check in again later to see how you get on :+1: