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Newbie Question - How to monitor audio while developing?

Hello Cabbages,

this is my first post, and it’s just a few hours that I heard about and discovered Cabbage.
I would love to develop a simple effect plugin myself, but have a few newbie questions I will have to bother you with in the following days. ^^

My first question is:
How to monitor audio while developing an effects plugin?

If I’d develop an instrument, I’d have the virtual keyboard to test.
But is there a way to use an audiofile or the actual soundcard stereo input/output to monitor what my effect is actually doing?

Looking for forward for your answers … please don’t blast me. :wink:


No blasting here :wink:

You can use a microphone if you like. When you launch an effect in Cabbage it automatically picks up the mic input. The other thing you can do is load a soundfile into your instrument using diskin2, i.e,

instr 1
a1, a2 diskin2 "myfile.wav", 1, 0, 1

And lastly you can open up the Cabbage patcher, add a sound file player, connect it to your instrument and hit play. Lots of options. Let me know if you can’t get them to work!

Thank you very much Rory,

I really like the option to insert the Soundfiler via Patcher.
That works absolutely perfect for me.

Is there any possibility to loop the loaded file?


I think the DiskinFilePlayer instrument has a loop option :+1:

That’s exactly what I was looking for.
Thanks so much! :+1: