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No Built-In Microphone Access or Audio Input?

MacBook Pro 2017 13, Mojave 10.14.5, Cabbage v2.1.05b

I can’t seem to gain built-in microphone access or any other form of audio input on cabbage.

In Cabbage Settings, Built-In Microphone is selected but the meter shows no input, and using the basic vst template I can confirm no audio is being recieved. This behaviour is the same with other inputs such as an external soundcard and soundflower.

In security and privacy settings, cabbage does not show in the list of apps to grant microphone access to.

I have tried reinstalling cabbage several times but no use.

Anyone with any experience or advice with the issue? any help is appreciated!



Thanks for the report. Looks like applications on OSX now must explicitly instruct the OS to grant it access to the microphone. I will need to update and prepare a new build. I will to get this done tomorrow. I wonder if this is the same issue that was preventing @Slobodanip gaining access to his USB mic input?

Im after exporting the vst template to a vst and and ran it in a DAW (Studio One) and it works. Thanks Rory!

That makes sense considering the DAW you use will have been granted access to the mic from the OS. I did a quick search and it seems that there are some things I can try out. I will try to post an update to the forum tomorrow. Cheers.

That’s interesting. I opened a new FX file without the USB Pnp Device Mic, using only the built-in mic, and it doesnt work, doesn’t show anything on the meter. So, idk, maybe it could be the same issue.


There is a new build available here Can you try it and let me know if it is any better?

Ive been looking into how to build cabbage for MacOs but i’m completely lost, is there documentation for it? Thanks again!

Why do you need to build it yourself? There are binaries available here. Just click on the Artifacts links and download the zip file. It contains the latest build for OSX and Windows. :wink:

Ah…I seem to have done a dumb…please excuse both this and my future stupidities. I have it downloaded now, and working with both the Built-In Microphone and a signal from soundflower! Cheers Rory =)

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