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No plugin in the effect list in selected track (logic pro)

I just install “cabbage” and tried the “bounceDelay” from example menu.
After having exported the plugin as AU, it appears checked in the plugin test (auval) but not in the effect list in a track. Did i miss something?
(i hope you understand, english is not my native language)
thank you

How and welcome to the forum. Is it listed as an effect on auval? Also, what happens when you scan plugins from the plugin manager in logic? It might be an issue with the Csound library. I think logic might be having a problem finding it :thinking:

Thanks for help.
The plugin is listed in the effect on auval and checked after the scan.

it’s ok now i found the problem. the plugin was registred as instrument: :confounded:

plugin manager:

Thanks for your help :wink:

Glad you got it sorted.:+1: