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No popup with valuetextbox(1)?

When an rslider (and maybe other sliders?) has a valuetextbox set to 1, the popup no longer functions. Is this by design, or a bug?

It’s a :bug: :laughing: I’ll take a look. Thanks.

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Just checking in on this… installed a fresh beta, still seems to be an issue.

Thanks Kevin. I’ll take a look.

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I guess the thinking behind this was that if you have a box with the current value of the slider, why would you also want a popup box showing the same value?

Because the popuptext (especially with pre and post fix) also acts as a contextual “hint”… giving more context than just a number.

True, but I think the default should be the way it is, or otherwise it makes a crap of everyone’s instruments. If you add a popup identifier, it should override the default behaviour, that would do right?

So… if there’s a valuetextbox, popuptext disappears by default. But if you specify popuptext (and I presume pre/postfix) it shows back up?

That should work fine for me I’d imagine.

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I just pushed a change to GIT now. It should build in Azure shortly. Let me know :wink:

Sorry, took a sick day yesterday and got pretty much nothing done. Just got to test this now.

Looks better, but the popup text only appears if i set the actual “popuptext”, it doesn’t appear if I only set popupprefix or popuppostfix. Would that be possible too? Thanks!

Thanks, I’ll take a look at this in a few days :wink:

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