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No Serial Opcodes on Linux

Alright lads,

myself and @ryanjeffares have an old PowerPC Powermac with Void Linux installed (although we had the same problem with Debian) and are trying to communicate with an Arduino. We installed Csound from the Void Linux repo and it worked grand, however we were having problems with the serial opcodes (serialBegin , serialWrite, etc) and a Csound -z showed that they weren’t installed.

I tried building Csound from source with XBPS (Void Linux package manager) and saw what appeared to be the serial opcodes building, however they still won’t work!!

Anyone have any experience with building Csound on Linux who could help? Cheers!!

Hi @reezmaize, I can confirm I have the same problem here. Let me look through the Csound source to see if I can spot any issues…

BTW, I was just fooling around with some Arduinos this morning for the first time in a long time when I saw your post. I was running Windows and OSX, neither of those platforms suffer from the same issues.

I couldn’t see any issues in the Csound code. So I did a bit of digging and learned I need to register as a member of the dialout group. I added myself with the following command:

sudo gpasswd --add rory dialout

After I logged out and back in again my light sensing arduino thingymajig was working fine :wink:

Hey Rory,
No luck unfortunately! I’m actually not having trouble accessing tty (yet!), but I haven’t even got the serial opcodes on my system. They work fine on my laptop (MacOS) but they seemingly aren’t there at all when I check.

In your own build, are they not listed when you run csound-z? That’s odd, they build out of the box with the default options. :thinking:

That’s what I thought! They didn’t show up on my build, or when I installed it from the Void Linux repo. I was also using Debian before with the .deb downloaded from the Csound site and also with the one from the Debian repo but no results then either!

You can try adding some rubbish text to the serial.c file in the Opcodes folder and building again. If you get an error you know the build system is trying to build them. Or simply check the cmake build options and see if there is one for the serial opcodes. It’s very strange.