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No Sound

Good morning,

Noob here having issues at the first hurdle.

Having tried numerous example synths and the basic synth project type I am getting no sound output when clicking the keyboard widgets. Have tried using the score the console suggest that it is playing, however similarly no sound.

I have tried the test tone in the settings, it is coming through loud and clear.

Thank you!

edit - running mac High Sierra 10.13.6

Hi @woogawooga, I’m sorry your first post is about problems you’re having :frowning:

It sounds strange. Are you sure you start the instrument as soon as you load it? Cmd+S when the code editor is in focus should do the trick. Is there any way you could prepare a short video of the steps you are taking?


Thank you for the quick response. I’m in the process of doing your cabbage tutorial on creating a synth VST in cabbage.

I’ve been able to run with no issues on my Windows laptop however would prefer to get it working on the mac.

Link -

Thanks for preparing the video, unfortuntely I don’t see what might be wrong. Can you add a

prints "note triggered"

somewhere to your instrument and see if it gets printed to the console?

Note Triggered is printed each time a note is clicked in the widget.

Can you open the patcher and see if connections are made when you start the instrument? Btw, you might as well install the very latest beta version so we are definitely on the same page. You can find the installer in the drop link here


Problem solved. Uploaded screenshot of patcher. Instrument was not connected to output according to patcher. Connected it to the outputs and it is working now.

Thanks for the help.

Did you update to the latest version? I think that might have been an issue in 2.5…

Yes I upgraded to the version you linked to

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