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No sound?

My csound and cabbage seem to be giving me no sound. I do an audio test and it is fine but when i try play any synth no sound occurs. I have been getting the below pop up since i first downloaded it but for the first few weeks everything was fine but now nothing. I am wondering if it has anything to do with the pop up?


Can you post your .csd file? You can delete that dll or move it from that folder. It’s part of the Csound install, and is not needed unless you wish to use the Csound image opcodes. Removing that should stop that popup from annoying you.

5_Sine5(1).csd (1.2 KB)

Hi thanks for your reply!
This file i have attached is one that my lecture has shared with us for examples. The code should be correct as i have not changed anything, and there is still no sound. As mentioned previously, everything had been working fine before this past week.

It’s working fine here for me? I’ve a feeling that the instrument is not patched to the output. If you press Ctrl+P it will bring up the Patcher window. Check the connections. There was an issue with one release of Cababge that seems to mess with default connections.

I suggest you download and install the latest version of Cabbage from here. At least I know then we are working off the same hymn sheet.

So I opened up the patcher menu and connected the outputs to the audio output and it seems to be working fine now! I’ll keep an eye on that.
Thanks for your help.


Probably still a good idea to update. I think that version you are using might have an issue. Glad you got it sorted. What university are you in?