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No waveform display

So it seems if it’s located on a network or a drive other than the main drive, then it won’t show up unless you close and open it again. That’s how you should be able to reproduce it.

That was also the difference between the two machines. The wave files on my laptop are on the C drive, but the desktop my waves are on the E drive. When I moved it to the main drive it worked. It may also have something to do with the sample rate of the files, so I’ll play with it a little more.

The other person mentioned their files were on another drive, so that gave me the idea to check.

I’m guessing a newer build fixes the problem, because it reads fine from a network drive with a recent build.

Ok, tested and confirmed still occurring with 2.0.03 Dec.20

Unrelated, since I’ve been gone for a while… is there anything new and fun I should be looking to play with in the new builds?

The build I pulled was less than a week ago.

Edit: Sorry about that, I pulled it from the list of recent Beta links.

@Slappz are you using builds from the Appveyor list of recent builds?

Yes, I just grabbed the latest green build.

Not that much in the way of new features, but @mauro contributed some very nice new look and feel updates. Widgets now have a flat look, which looks far more modern than the old style. And the IDE can be completely themed now. I’d say the IDE is in a much better place now than it was the last time you were around, although we’re still stuck using the same JUCE code editor, which isn’t great.