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Noise Gate

Hey all, I am trying to make a guitar distortion pedal vst. It’s working alright except it buzzes in the background a lot. I want to implement a noise gate or threshold for input audio. I can’t find any topics on how this is done. Here’s the code! Feel free to submit a pull if you can find a way to implement a noise gate (maybe a rotary slider).

Hi @Aidan_Ahern. In times like this the best place to look is through all of Iain McCurdy’s Csound examples :laughing: Here is a noise gate example that you might be able to hack for your own purposes:


This reminds me… I’d been meaning to take a shot at creating a noise gate with adjustable attack and release settings. I wonder if I could combine Iain’s concept here with Steven’s adsr UDO and come up with something useful. :thinking: