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Nslider Increment by 1

Is there a way to make it so an nslider increments by only 1? It seems to go by a percentage of the range, but I would like to put specific values in using the mouse wheel.

Yes, you can set the increment/step size using the range() identifier, i.e, range(0, 100, 0, 1, 1).

Sorry, it’s still not working. With those parameters it increments by 4 when using the mouse wheel. Essentially, I’d like it to work like an endless encoder which will increment by one, but for UI purposes only having values, not knobs.

can you try hitting ctrl while dragging? The problem with the nslider is that it calculates the step based on the size of the slider. So it all comes down to how many pixels you move the mouse through. I usually tend to avoid them for this reason as different screen resolutions will result in slightly different behavior.

I think I’ll need to do the work of figuring out how to make custom widgets. C++ here I come :nerd_face:

You have picked a tricky place to start, but good luck :+1: