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Old GUI mode compatibility

Hi Rory,
I had a student experience issues with older code that uses the old method for widgets and channels. The example worked on Cabbage Lite but not the main Cabbage frontend (Windows). When I sent him a version that uses the new method, he said it worked fine. Is it your intention to still support the old method?

Here are the two versions in case you want to test on Windows.
DPOAEs.csd (4.4 KB) DPOAEsQueue.csd (4.6 KB)

This is an interesting topic also for CsoundUnity, where cabbageGetValue / cabbageSetValue don’t work!

They should work, I always had backward compatibility in mind. I’ll check tomorrow.

@giovannibedetti, you can create a UDO to wrap cabbageSetValue, and cabbageGetValue. @Oeyvind did this recently and it worked quite well. If the opcode is found, it uses the opcode, if not, it uses the UDO.

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