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Old to nenw .snaps file conversion?

Thanks for the work on the new preset system and for the new presetIgnore identifier (nice improvements, by the way in v. 2.6). My question is this: is there any easy way to convert my old preset .snaps files to the new file format?


Grab the latest beta build from here1 and run the Update XML presets file… command from the File menu.

1 this feature has been for for 3 weeks, and as soon as I release 2.6 I get a bug report about it, which is why I’m sending you to the latest beta build of 2.6.1 :see_no_evil:

many thanks!! and I am also just now seeing your previous announcement that answered my question about updating the presets file. I will grab 2.6.1 and work from that! Great work, by the way, really liking the new features!

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