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Old versions?

Where are Cabbage old versions?
I have Linux Mint 19 with CSound 6.10 (the latest to this SO, via apt)
and the last Cabbage version doesnt work with it (Read-me file says it needs 6.13). The CSound is I.M.P.O.S.S.I.B.L.E. to install outside apt-get command (from sources).

I really want to try this software, but I need older versions to this :-/

Hi @Willian_Calera. How are you with building software from sources? The simplest thing is to build Csound yourself. It’s pretty straight forward. Here are general instructions. Once you have that done, you’ll need to build Cabbage from sources. Again, it’s not that big a deal, but takes a bit of setting up. Once you’re done you will easily be able to build all the latest versions with minimal mess.

Wow…very fast answer!
At this time i’m running easily Cabbage in MXLinux :slight_smile:

  • sudo apt-get install csound (it installs csound 6.12.2)
  • sudo ./installCabbage (on Cabbage folder)
    Just 2 commands on MX Linux.

But just for curiosity, I will try the instructions to build csound for Linux Mint. Thank you very much! :+1:

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At this morning, I did the suggested steps to build Csound and it works!

The csound command on terminal shows 6.15 version (very new :slightly_smiling_face:). My Linux is Mint 19.1.

Now I will learn more about Csound. The Cabbage setting ‘show popup autocomplete’ is so useful that I guess it should be enabled by default. It helps to know csound commands. (Edit->settings->miscellaneous)

And again, thank you very much!

Thanks for the reminder about that. I forget it was even there. I think I need to update its look at little.