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On/Off switch multiVST

Making a multiVST instrument, with components such as delay and reverb but I’d like a button on each effect to activate and deactivate them. I don’t know whether this is a Cabbage function or something i have to implement in my csound code

Cabbage doesn’t have any function without Csound code, so yes, this is something you will need to do in your Csound code. Add a button to your instrument and then check its value in your Csound code to enable or disable certain lines of Csound code. For example

kReverb chnget "reverbButton"
kDelay chnget "delayButton"

if kReverb == 1 then
   a1, a2 reverbsc ....
if kDelay ==  1 then
   a1 delay ..
   a2 delay ...