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Option to disable compile on save


I oftentimes find it impractical that Cabbage compiles the csd on save (Ctrl-s). Would it be possible to add an option to disable this?

all best

I thought there was a compile on save option? If not I can see about adding one :+1:

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
I did look for it in settings, but could not find it. Maybe it is in a place where I did not find it(?)

Turns out it is there, but set to 1 and with no way to change it :rofl:


I’ll add a way of changing it now :slight_smile:

I just pushed a fix for this now. You should now be able to save without compiling. I have to say, saving without compiling is a real power user move :rofl: I’m not sure how many of us would trust our Csound skills enough to work at this level!

Thanks so much for the quick update. Just an additional snag, I think: If I uncheck the “Automatically compile on save” flag in the settings, it won’t compile at all (not if I click the play button in the file tab).

Hehe, I do not think of it as a power user thing, just that sometimes I like to save after writing a few lines, even if I know the whole instrument won’t run yet.

Oh I see, now I understand how you want to use this. Leave it with me. I just thought you were looking for a way to disable compiling altogether.

This is sorted now. Even when saving on compile is disabled, the Play button will still compile the .csd and showed the instrument’s UI. :+1:

Wonderful. Thank you so much!

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Is this in the current release version of Cabbage? For some reason I’m not seeing this option in the Cabbage Settings window

It’s in the current dev snapshot.