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Package Audio Files and resources with plugin export

I am creating a few instruments based on specific audio file resources, I am wondering if it is possible to package up the audio files and any other graphic resources etc… so that they are available within the .vst or .component package file, or alternately how to create an installer or something that would install the files into an appropriate hard drive space that would be known and accessible?

You’re looking for

bundle("./folder1", "file2", "etc..")

The bundle identifier will instruct Cabbage to copy the listed files and folders into the same folder your exported plugin goes. On OSX this will be the plugin bundle itself. Use it on the same line as you declare your form.

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awesome, thank you.
btw I had tried checking to DOC to see if there was any info and the bundling page link goes to a 404:
near the bottom of the text clicking on the link labeled “here” goes to:
which is a 404 currently.

Thanks, I need to fix this, but won’t be able to do so for a few weeks :pensive:

Just a friendly reminder to fix this, noticed the page is still 404

Thanks for the reminder. I just updated those links now. :wink: