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PadSynth, FileMincer and BandPass2 crashing ableton

Sorry for another question but some of my vst (2 and 3) exports of some of the examples crash ableton fairly regularly. some of the files players to be specific (fogfile and grain3) Is there any fix for this? I’ve tried exporting the vst several times on several different builds also. I also get some pretty extreme glitching when I run the choir pad synth (as well as a few others). I’m not sure if the phenomena are related though. Any help would be appreciated. I apologize for the extremely noob question, I know literally nothing about coding :frowning:

I’ve found the padsynth instrument to be pretty CPU intensive, perhaps this is causing the glitches? What other ones are causing issues for you?

I’ll check these. Crashes I can fix. CPU intensive instruments that cause glitches are a result of Csound struggling under pressure. These are not so easy to fix.

There is little you can do on your side, but thanks for the offer. :+1:

Noob or not, thanks for the feedback. The very fact you reported it means it can be fixed, and others don’t experience the same problems :wink: So thanks again, I’ll let you know when I figure out what the problem is.

Padsynth and Padsynth choir both cause a sort of stuttering (like a beat repeat), that sometimes results in crashing in DAW or even in cabbage. The weird thing is Micropolyphony seems to be much harder on the CPU but it doesn’t cause this problem. when micropolyphony uses CPU the normal popping sound happens, but not stuttering. Mincer file player also crashes Ableton. Bandpassfilter2 also crashes Ableton.

I think that is it. Ill let you know of any other weird behavior though.

thanks for all your help.

I just ran a few of these through the debugger, and each crash sent me to the csound end of things. That’s not to say this is all Csound’s fault, but something is causing Csound to crash, which in turn brings down Cabbage, which in turn brings down the host.

I will take another look once I have a little more time. I’m going to change the title of this thread to indicate the instruments that cause the problems, so others can be aware of it.

awesome! Ill post more crashes here.

Im not sure if the latest build was supposed to fix the crashes, but bandfilter2 still crashes Ableton immediately. Padsynthchoir doesn’t produce sound at all and fogfileplayer also still crashes Ableton. I haven’t yet produced a crash with Mincerfileplayer or grain3fileplayer but ill let you know if they still crash Ableton.

No, I didn’t have time to find a fix before the latest release. I think something in Csound is not playing ball. It could take a while to track it down.

harmonics instrument now crashes Ableton.

Which one now, exactly?

its just called “Harmonics”.

also, HSBoscil also crashes it. Both of them were super stable until Ableton updated to 10.1.25

Both run fine here. I’m using 10.1.18. Are these minor updates free? I’ll take a look although it it’s an issue caused by Live there is not a whole lot I can do…

yeah its free. among other things Ableton now uses apple metal framework. perhaps that’s the problem.

I just upgraded to the latest version of 10 and these instruments ran fine for me. I will try with Windows tomorrow and see if I can get them to crash there. What OS are you on again?

Weird. I’m on mac (the newest Catalina build)

Edit: I am using the vst3 versions.

I rarely use the vst3 exports. Why the preference for vst3?

I only use them so I can save presets easily.

I didn’t realise there was a difference when it comes to saving presets. But I have to admit to falling behind in my VST homework. Can you create a simple Live session that will crash these plugins every time? Maybe you can send it to me so i can try here?

yeah, its easier with VST3 because you can save presets to the main Ableton library and recall them independently of a particular session. With VST2 you save them per project by default. It is possible to change locations, but then you need to create folders for every plugin to create a preset database. Its a bit of a pain.

I have to teach all day but I can send you a session tonight.

this one seems to crash every time when I add the the harmonics or hsboscil instrument. if you open the untitled harmonics session and add either of those instruments it should crash Ableton.freetime (297.8 KB)