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Panacea - Autopan with Humanization

I have released my first plugin :slight_smile:. Panacea is an autopan audio effect plugin with the possibility of humanization, syncing to the host tempo and basic visualization. You can also find it on Github:


If someone takes a look at the code, I would be very happy to receive feedback and tips. I have almost no programming experience and can learn a lot. (46.7 KB) Panacea_v1.0.0_Source_code.tar.gz (42.2 KB)

Congratulations on this. It’s always a huge milestone to release your first plugin! :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much. Yes, even such a simple plugin is a challenge when you first familiarize yourself with cabbage and csound and so on. But it’s also a lot of fun - also because the documentation for cabbage and csound and the quick help here in the forum are very good. Many thanks for that too :blush: